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Very Smart Financial Moves for the Fresh Graduates

Many celebrate their graduation with a party. Thinking that the hardship is over and salary is finally on its way to purchase your dream car or ticket towards a gorgeous vacation. The next day, you find yourself unemployed with a personal loan in Singapore to pay and a list of things you have always been wanting to do with your salary.

Once you land a job which probably offers a salary that is way smaller than you expect, here are some tips that may give you a better experience in this period called adulthood.

Arrange your papers

If you want to become an SEO  expert who ’s to offer google local SEO services under an enterprise-level digital marketing firm, get your papers in order and organize them. These papers should include your birth certificate, SS Card, passport, and marriage certificate if applicable. You will realize that these documents are the basics when it come to processing things such as getting a loan, buying a car, and looking for a new digital marketing strategist job.

You can also include land titles if you have, photocopies of ID’s and others. Compile them all and do not forget to have some clear copies. Put the documents in a safe but accessible place. Processing loans with ready paperwork also make you seem professional

Repay student loan

Know when is the grace period of your student loan. Grace period is when you must give your first repayment. You might be tempted to spend your money on other things, but always make sure that you repay your loans on time to avoid risking your credit score and defaulting.

Messing up your loans will cause consequences that might hunt you for the rest of your life. It is hard to get a loan approved if you have a bad credit score or if you have a history of defaulted loan. If you experience dry months do not hesitate to contact your lender and talk about it, most probably your lender can offer various options.

Open a credit card account

While many think that it might cause a person to spend more than they can earn, having an RCBC Bankard or any credit card account can help you beef up your credit rating. Make sure that you charge items that you can realistically afford and pay every month. A good BDO credit card account record will boost your credit score. A good credit score can also get you a lower loan interest rate, so take care of it.